James Gray "Jim" Walker

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GAWKDLL - GNU AWK as a DLL (v2.0)

GAWKDLL is a 16-bit DLL port of the GNU AWK (GAWK) program. This is GNU-"Free" software under the GNU GPL [18K]. Please note that a 16-bit DLL can only be called easily from other 16-bit programs; from 32-bit programs, it is a bit more difficult.

Go here for more details and to download GAWKDLL.

ITSEDIPP - The "IT Solutions" EDI Pseudo Printer (v2.0)

ITSEDIPP is a pseudo printer driver module which Windows applications can print to just like any printer. The driver captures the "printed" text and then can manipulate it, primarily using GAWKDLL, and then e-mail the result to MS and Lotus (and soon Pegasus Mail) e-mail packages. The point of the manipulation is to convert what would normally be a printed and then faxed form into an EDI message, which is then e-mailed. This is also GNU-"Free" software under the GNU GPL [18K] (because it uses GAWKDLL).

Go here {unfortunately this link got wiped out and has been rebuilt to be only functional and not pretty} for more details and to download ITSEDIPP.

ITSCTRL - The "IT Solutions" Control DLL (v2.0)

ITSCTRL is essentially ITSEDIPP without the printer driver on the front. As a 16-bit DLL, it can be built into (called) by other Windows applications. Thus can they use the text manipulation capabilities of ITSCTRL and GAWKDLL to transform, for example, incoming EDI e-mails to a local format.

Download ITSEDIPP above and follow the instructions in the documentation to separate out ITSCTRL.

ITSPMDDE - "IT Solutions" Pegasus Mail Send Mail Extension (v2.2)

ITSPMDDE is a standard extension for Pegasus Mail which accepts e-mail messages submitted via a simple DDE interface from other programs, such as WinWord and the next version of ITSEDIPP/ITSCTRL. The messages are then forwarded/routed by Pegasus Mail to their destination. This is GNU-"Free" software under the GNU GPL [18K].

Download the whole extension, which includes sources, executables and documentation, here [43K].

Vaporware: ITSXFML - "IT Solutions" Transform Mail

This is be a Windows mail reader program which reads the contents of a mailbox and submits the incoming messages to the ITSCTRL processing module. ITSCTRL will process the message, transforming it into something useful and leaving it in a file or remailing it. A follow-on program can then be started after all mails are processed.

The object here is to read EDI messages from an in-box, transform them into either an internal format or a human-readable format and kick-off a subsequent program to deal with the output created.

Technically, this is be a 16-bit Windows program which reads messages via MAPI from MS Mail. Later, it will be able to read via VIM from Lotus products and via DDE from Pegasus Mail as well.

Ok, so I didn't ever get around to packaging and presenting the finished version. But, it does work. In fact, one version reads a set of messages from a Mailbox and a second version reads a set of messages from a directory and then does specialized processing on each of them. The second version has worked in a production environment at a customer since early 1998.

MBA Thesis for Imperial College 92-93

Below is the thesis I wrote for my MBA at Imperial College during academic year 92-93. It was a huge project and it has a long title: "New Technologies and Barriers to their Uptake -- A Study of the Markets for Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Mobile Data and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the United Kingdom and a Survey of Systems Developers and Systems Integrators of Products and Services Based on these Technologies".
  • Zipped plain text file [100K].

  • A quick note about the ownership of the software here. I wrote the software as an employee of my company (formerly ITS Information Technology Solutions GmbH, now Walker Informatics GmbH). According to the terms of the GNU GPL, under which my company has released the software, anyone can redistribute the software as long as the source code is obtainable. It is in my capacity as a private person that I am making this software available here which my company has released to me and the public.

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