GAWKDLL - GNU AWK as a 16-bit DLL (v2.0)

GAWKDLL is a 16-bit DLL port of the GNU AWK (GAWK) program. Note that 16-bit DLLs can only be called from other 16-bit programs and modules. The distribution includes object modules, installation, documentation, source code and example calling functions in "C" and BASIC. This is GNU-"Free" software under the GNU GPL [18K].

Here is the text documentation to GAWKDLL [37K].

Download the GAWKDLL (v2.0) distribution:

  • copying [18K]
  • install.bat
  • install.txt
  • gwkd20a.exe [385K] or [385K] (same file)
  • Please send me an e-mail, so I can notify you of updates.

    I had started looking into making a 32-bit DLL port of GAWK 3.1. However, it seems like it might make more sense to use the command-line gawk for Win32, invoke it using CreateProcess() and then wait for it using WaitForSingleObject(). Then, I wouldn't have to monkey around with the gawk source code itself. Hmmm...

    Last Update: 2002-08-13